Project : Youth Café – Christchurch

Project: Youth Café – Christchurch

On this project our clients specified they required heavy commercial flooring for the youth of today to use as a new café. It was also particularly important to them to have soundproofing as they are located on the 1st flooring with only timber underneath.

After undertaking our site survey and consulting with the clients we suggested the ideal solution of which they approved.

We then proceeded with the following:

  • Over-lay the current wood sub-floor with a 6mm SP101 flooring grade plyboard
  • Primer the plyboard to ensure good adhesion
  • Feather finish the entire floor area to eliminate joins in the ply
  • Install acoustic soundproofing
  • Install safety commercial flooring
  • Complete and now the café can enjoy this hard-wearing maintenance-free floor for years to come!
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